Are you looking for great professional photographers who are also affordable around Johannesburg? We have a list of great wedding photographers with affordable packages. Some include combos on Videography + Photography packages.

Affordable Wedding Photographers and Packages in Johannesburg

Johannesburg Wedding Photographers

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How to get a great Wedding Photographer in South Africa

Getting a great wedding photographer who is also affordable can be tricky, confusing and hard. This is because there are many fly-by-nights “Great-Photographers-wanna-be”, who steal other photographers portfolios and make them theirs.

In order to source a great and affordable photographer, it is mendatory to do the following:

Find one from your existing network.

Ask a friend before you do a Google search. Recommendation is always the best.

A great professional has a reputation.

In the digital societies we live in, a great photographer will ensure he/she confidently put his work publicly for exposure, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and websites.

Compare Quotes from Different Photographers

Comparison of photography packages has never hurt anyone. This is the only way to ensure you get the best wedding photographer who is affordable.

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